The Transformative Present with Horses 


On Saturday, May 14th, Kristin DeKam introduced the basic principles of equine therapy, that is, using horses to deepen our awareness of body, emotional intelligence, and intuition from a non-predatory point of view. We discussed essays she distributed in advance, excerpts from the equine-learning specialist, Linda Kohanov’s books, The Power of the Herd and The Way of the Horse. As well, to prep for discussion she instructed us to watch the film, Dakota 38 as an “… an example of how and why the Dakota people are using horses in long distance, ceremonial rides.”

002Kristy divided us into groups and half went with her to interact with her horses, Max and Tess. Through her guidance we focused on activities that help mind and body be present, which is at the heart of all equine learning and therapy. She states, “Horses are master teachers of emotional and intuitive intelligence. They are expert readers of emotions, body language, and environmental cues as a means of survival and well being.”

004The other group stayed back with the poet, Billy Reynolds. We discussed the readings together and then he provided us with a inspiring writing prompt. We then switch groups so all of us were able to experience all that was offered. Later we enjoyed a beautiful potluck lunch, and discussion was intimate and interesting. In all, it was deep and rejuvenating work. Kristy generously offered to meet with this group again to further the work.

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