In Transit

Autumn Brown in her busOn June 15th Autumn Brown, metalsmith, drove her studio-bus to Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s home and studio! She talked to us about her life as a metalsmith and artist. She set the interior of her bus up with her concept laden, technically nuanced artworks, and those of other artists she admires. Her work is engaging, and fun to play with, many with locking component parts and creative fixings. You can view her works at her web page:

At her request we each brought a small object that contained both ceramic and metal, such as a spark plug or computer part. There were a number of whatsits, each with an aspect of conductivity, and each with a story. 

Bus and Margraitte.jpg

The poet Margaret DeRitter talked to us about the chemistry behind steel and then circulated a writing prompt that she linked to the subject of the evening. In all, it was interesting and enjoyable!

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