Form & Surface


On February 20, 2016, a four-hour workshop titled, “Form & Surface” was conducted for area artists and writers connected with Alchemy: An Artists and Writers Initiative. The workshop was held at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in the Print Studio and Photography & Digital Media facilities. Susan Andress, Honore Lee, and Vicki VanAmeyden served as the workshop facilitators.

Participants used both digital and hand work approaches to manipulate surface and spatial relationships, and experiment with combining text and image.

Two groups were formed after an initial, group drawing exercise. In the KIA Photography & Digital Media computer lab, participants learned to combine, layer, and manipulate both text and image in Photoshop. Their resulting images were digitally printed.

Using a composition that combined each person’s drawings as a stimulus, collaborative monoprints were created in the KIA Print Studio. Participants also experimented with non-toxic, transfer techniques to merge text and image. The technique of chine colle was explored as well as surface manipulation with stitching.

“Form & Surface” proved to be fun and fulfilling for everyone involved — a fitting result of our collective belief in the artistic, alchemical process.

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