Kristin DeKam: Artist, Writer, ALCHEMY Workshop Facilitator, Kalamazoo Valley Community College  Professor

Kristy DeKam makes images using medium format film and alternative printing processes such as Van Dyke, gum, and photogravure. She is also a writer who lives with horses and a Humanities professor who teaches philosophy and mythology. Currently she is exploring non-predatory models of relationship and being, which is being championed by the field of equine learning and therapy.

Margaret DeRitter: Poet, Journalist (Encore), Western Michigan University Educator

Margaret DeRitter worked full time as a journalist for 30 years, including 22 years at the Kalamazoo Gazette. She teaches journalism now at Western Michigan University and occasionally at Kalamazoo College. She also copy edits Encore magazine and is an avid paddler, aspiring pastel artist and published poet. Her poetry has appeared in New Verse News, Midnight Circus, Melancholy Hyperbole, Scarlet Literary Magazine and Encore. She lives in Kalamazoo with her dog, Murray.

Michael Dunn:  Architect, Artist, ALCHEMY Workshop Facilitator

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.43.34 AMMichael Dunn is an architect and artist in Richland Michigan, where he lives with Marsha, his librarian wife, dogs, cats, deer, hawks, turkeys, coyotes and owls. He draws all day in a little studio behind the house or at the local coffee house or at the Library. Michael can rarely be found without his sketchbook or his camera. At this time, he is also completing photographic essays of springtime and milkweeds. Michael studied art at the University of Michigan and received an MFA from Western Michigan University in painting and printmaking. He exhibits his work regularly. Michael will begin teaching drawing at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

Kimberly Eberstein: Artist, Educator

Kimberly Hosken Eberstein is a painter/pastel artist and paper maker.  She earned her BFA and MFA degrees from Western Michigan University.  Eberstein has taught foundation art classes for Western Michigan University’s School of Art, K-12 art for Battle Creek Public Schools, paper making classes for the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, and Art for Elementary Teachers for Miller College in Battle Creek, Michigan.  She currently resides in Galesburg, MI.  Her work can be seen at

Sharon Eckstein: Painter, Jungian Therapist

Presently Sharon Eckstein is combining art and psychology through illustrating psychology modalities and has developed therapy cards depicting inner ego states. She lives in the country with her husband, Brian, one cat and abundant woodland creatures, and occasionally writes a poem or two.

Morry Edwards PHD:  Poet, Hospice Therapist

Dr. Morry Edwards has been a medical psychologist for over 40 years and has had several health manuals published including MindBody Cancer Wellness. He has been a teacher at the high school and college level, a writer, and an artist much longer. He has had one book of poetry, Remembering Those Who Sleep Beyond the Dust published. He participated in two earlier group exhibits, HOURS (The Therapy Hours) and HOME (On Selling the Family House).

Debbie Eisenbise: Poet, Pastor

Debbie Eisenbise is a writer and reader, preacher, spiritual director, and currently a church bureaucrat. She received her MDiv from Pacific School of Religion, ordained 27 years. She has had numerous essays, articles, and poems published in various publications, anthologies, and blogs. She enjoys writing poetry, especially in form. She lives with her husband, daughter and cat in Kalamazoo.

Heidi Fidler: Poet, Massage Therapist