Black Magic Markmaking

StartArtist Michael Dunn brought big paper and lots of charcoal and other media to Kerlikowske’s studio. He shared ways to make various and surprising textures using what was available in the room such as screens, linoleum, old license plates, rows of books, etc. No longer worried about having to have an “image” to replicate, artists and writers alike dove in and freely experimented with the various drawing implements provided by Michael. There was an excited hum of activity in the studio for a couple hours as we drew over surfaces and on each other’s drawings. Most made 3 or more drawings. Sydnee took the stack of over 30 drawings to another ALCHEMY participant and artist, Paul Nehring, and in the spirit of critical assessment, which we all partake in, she asked him to choose, what he thought was the best. Below, the 7 he chose.

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Susan Ramsey provided the writing prompt. It was based on an exercise the poet, Traci Brimhall used in a writing workshop to help writers keep from “riding an emotional zip line through the poem” by having them construct their own grid combining emotions, memories and facts.

 Worskhop Photos

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