Rattling the Alchemy Behind Clay: Story and Fire


On April 25, 2016, a three-hour workshop titled, “Rattling the Alchemy Behind Clay: Story and Fire ” was conducted for area artists and writers connected with Alchemy: An Artists and Writers Initiative. The workshop was held at Boatyard Brewery in the comfortable meeting space in the back room of the brewery. Anna ILL served as the workshop facilitator.

Participants used red earthenware clay and a variety of ceramics tools and stamps to create hand held rattles and small objects. Rattles featured animals, flora, and abstract shapes, each piece telling its own story. We shared stories throughout the workshop.

Some participants will continue working their fired ceramic objects by adding metal wire, handles or silver or copper plugs in a future Alchemy workshop offering with Autumn Brown. This was a fulfilling evening, the energies inherent in creative process fed us as we worked in a space where excellent beers were brewing.

Bob Post provided the writing prompt.

Click on the images below to enlarge.


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