SPRING 2016 Workshops

Tuesday, January 26, 6-8:00

We Find Our Way

Our first meeting will remind us of the depth of The Project’s participants. We will lead into a discussion of alchemy generally and cited passages from the essays Alchemy of Love and Jung and the Alchemical Renewal specifically. You will receive these via email within the week. Please come on the 26th having bonded with at least one of the passages, enough to engage in conversation about it.

                Place: Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s home

Participants: Unlimited

RSVP by Jan 24th

Monday, February 8th, 6-8:30

Chemists are People Too

Steve Bertman will speak to us about the idea that although scientists are often parodied, they are in fact inspired and driven by the beauty and power of nature.

Elizabeth Kerlikowske will formulate a writing prompt!

Place: Steve’s home

Participants: Unlimited

RSVP by Feb. 6th

Saturday, February 20th, 9:30 – 3:00

Form & Surface

Vicki VanAmeyden, Honore Lee, and Mary Whalen will demonstrate both digital and handwork approaches to manipulate surface and spatial relationships by combining, removing, constructing, and deconstructing. Participants will learn techniques to add text and actual texture to an image: transfer, chine-collé, monoprint, transposition, stitching, etc. Digital media methods using photography, scanning, image manipulation, and printing will be covered as well.

Place: KIA Print Studio, located in lower level

Food: Bring a bagged lunch

Participants: Limited!! 14

RSVP: PLEASE by February 10th so there will be enough supplies


Tuesday, March 22nd

The Vocabulary of Short Forms

Elizabeth Kerlikowske will present an overview of short poetic forms, how they are most effective and what they can accomplish.

Place: Elizabeth’s home

Participants: Unlimited

RSVP by March 20th


Thursday, April 7th, 6-9

Black Magic Mark Making

A night of drawing and brew-ha with the illustrious Michael Dunn!

The equally celebrated Susan Ramsey will concoct the writing prompt!

Place: Elizabeth’s home

Participants: Unlimited

RSVP  by April 5th so there will be enough supplies


Monday, April 25th , 6-9

Rattling the Alchemy Behind Clay, Story and Fire 

Anna Ill will provide us with an evening of culling our stories and finding an image to integrate into our own clay rattle.

Robert Post will rig us with a writing prompt!

Place: Boatyard Brewery (backroom)

A generosity extended by Boatyard to Anna for this workshop!

Drink: Purchase beer through Boatyard Brewery (No BYOB please)

Participants: Limited!!  14

RSVP: PLEASE by April 18th so there will be enough supplies

Wednesday, June 15th, 6:30-8:30 (date change from May 4)

In Transit

Autumn Brown, metalsmith, will show up to Elizabeth’s with her studio-bus! She will talk to us about the alchemy of CeraMetal, and life as a metalsmith. Bring a small object that contains both ceramic and metal, such as a spark plug, computer part, and any whatsit with an aspect of conductivity!

Danna Ephland will circulate the writing prompt!

Place: Elizabeth’s home

Participants: Unlimited

RSVP: By April 27th so there will be enough supplies


Saturday, May 14th 10am – 1pm

The Transformative Present with Horses

Kristin DeKam will introduce the basic principles of equine therapy, that is, using horses to deepen our awareness of body, emotional intelligence, and intuition from a non-predatory point of view.

Billy Reynolds will charge us with a writing prompt.

Participants:  Limited!! 10 (so as not to spook Max and Tess!)

RSVP: By May 12th


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